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The passion for speleology comes from long before we did our first initiation course at the Grup de Investigacions Espeleològiques de Barcelona (GIE). We have always loved traveling, and every country we visited, caves were a priority.

After the initiation course and later the advanced level, we had the perfect tools to explore many more cavities, with respect and safety.

Costa Rica, Panama, New Zealand, Corsica, Sardinia, France, Scotland, Thailand, Canada, Alaska, the Canary Islands, Austria, Reunion Island, in all of them we have searched for caves and canyons, and we have enjoyed it like children. Discovering places and sensations indescribable.

We have been part of the exploration teams of the Badalona Speleology Group (GEB), in the Escuaín area (Huesca), in the Grallera de Guara, the Nou de les Alzines avenc, Forat de l'Or, Ses avenc Olles, avenc dels Escaladors, avenc de l'Esquerrà, avenc de la Nubet and currently several unpublished cavities and being explored such as the avenc dels Forasters, here in Mallorca.

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Vanessa SM & Antonio GS

Lluís AP


Connor, Edmonton, CN

"What an incredible experience this was!! One of the most authentic and unique experiences on the island. Vanessa and Antonio are such wonderful guides, with a tremendous amount of love and passion for what they do. This went way beyond what I was expecting from this little 4 hour adventure, it is an absolute must when visiting Mallorca !!
Thank you Vanessa and Antonio for an unforgettable day."

Nanette, Camarillo, CA

"BOOK THIS NOW! -If you want an incredible, adventurous, unique experience- with very very kind and trustworthy people. It was more than advertised. It was easily one of the favorite things my 18 year old son and I did on the island during our week long trip. It is a strenuous hike-but very do-able and Vanessa/Antonio were gracious to wait when we needed a break. As far as the hike-we wore tennis shoes and wet fine. Great conversation, kids of all ages who are up for a challenge could complete it and have a wonderful experience. Vanessa and Antonio were so wonderful and gracious. Exactly as I'd imagined the Spanish kindness to be! "

Laurence Reboulleau, FR

"Intense and magical moment between friends accompanied by children!
And especially a big thank you to Vanessa who came with me, helped me overcome my fear of swimming in the sea to get to the cave!"

Rechelle, Sydney, AU

"My partner and I traveled Europe for 6 weeks and this was easily the BEST experience we had on our whole trip! A MUST DO!
Vanessa was incredible at communicating we originally booked for a day that was going to rain and we were messaging for three days to week out a solution :) we ended yp extending our stay in Mallorca just so we could have the right weather to do this activity and it's SO WORTH IT !!!!!
The cave was absolutely magical, and the experience entering the cave was scary at first but completely safe and once I was had started the climb/crawl it became very fun immediately.
We can't wait to do it all again when we return to Mallorca as there are so many different caves they can take you in for the next time too! ".

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Jul 30, 2023

We were looking for a different experience with a little bit of adventure and we found it with Avcaving Mallorca. With Vanesa and Antonio we found the perfect day: we explore two caves, one of them with the entrance just when the waves of the sea ended. It was fun and thrilling to swim under the stalactites hanging from the ceiling and with the view of the stalacmites passing under us.

We recommend everyone to try this magical experience 😀

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